The ALPHA 6 is a totally unique method of  locating contraband in any conditions and from a range of up to 500m. The ALPHA 6 works on “Molecular Resonance” and the ALPHA 6 system uses molecular recognition of programmed contraband.

The ALPHA 6 never gets tired, never needs to rest and never has a bad day. By using the ALPHA 6 as an early indicator for the presence of contraband substances, time and money can be saved. Used alongside search dogs and personal searches the ALPHA 6 is a vital addition to any security organization.

The ALPHA 6 is completely passive and has no ill effects on the operators. Nothing can block the molecular tracking of the ALPHA 6 and therefore the ALPHA 6 will find contraband when dogs are fooled by surrounding odors.

ALPHA 6 will work from greater range and in conditions where vapor detectors will not.

The ALPHA 6 will detect contraband substances from trace upwards, thus if an individual has recently handled explosives he can be targeted for surveillance or questioning or taken for further forensic analysis. Used correctly the ALPHA 6 will pinpoint the area to search in detail, i.e. the vehicle, bag or building to be searched, saving time and improving the success rates of searches.

  • The ALPHA 6 consists of four parts. An inductor, a conductor and an oscillator which are built into the handle of molecules oscillate at a specific frequency.
  • The oscillator within the ALPHA 6 is programmed to oscillate at the same frequency as that of the substance to be located. The oscillator within the ALPHA 6 is powered by the static electricity that is generated in the human body when breathing occurs. These currents are inducted into the ALPHA 6, causing the oscillator, pre-programmed to oscillate at the specific resonant frequency of the search substance.
  • Power comes from a transfer of static electricity generated in the human body. The ALPHA 6 then relies on another known physical law. Any charged body in motion generates a magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of motion. This is the principle that all electric motors and generators operate on. Therefore when either the operator or the search substance is in motion, ALPHA 6 will detect the repulsion between the handle and the search substance and will point along the magnetic field generated due to the motion. It is this repulsion that allows the ALPHA 6 to indicate towards a search substance. In simple terms, the molecules in the handle are attracted towards the molecules in the substance resulting in the indication through the antenna.

Size and Weight

Hand Unit 100 grams

160 x 45 x 18 mm

Antenna 430 mm

Detection Function

Working Principle

magnetic molecular resonance. Will detect a molecular

structure identical to the substance in the recognition

card in the hand unit.

Detection Range:Max 500m radius from operator. Signal not

affected by screening (i.e. will work through walls,

concrete, metal, underground or through water etc)

Sensitivity: >15 nanograms at 300m

Power Supply: Induced current from static electricity of operators


Operating time: Unlimited

Operating Temperature:-40°C to +65°C

Set up Time:< 1 min


In Thailand, the Office of the Narcotics Control Board says it is more than happy with its cheaper and more effective Alpha 6 device.

Lt Gen Krisna said the Alpha 6 device was 70% effective in detecting drugs, including speed pills, hidden in cars and PVC pipes.

Lt Gen Krisna downplayed suggestions that sniffer dogs might be better suited for finding drugs.

Dogs could not work under certain weather conditions, he said. They are costly to feed and could work only for short periods.

They also tend to get motion sickness when travelling in cars and this could undermine their ability to pick up smells.