The Electric Shock Lie Detector is a godsend! Ever wondered if someone was telling the truth? The Shocking Liar is a table top device that you strap your victim’s hand to, delivering a small electric shock when it thinks a lie is being told.

The Lie Detector evaluates the data and stores the information after each question giving an accumulation of data on the person being questioned. This means the more questions that you ask, the more information the Lie Detector has to evaluate. Thus it could be possible for you to get away with a lie early in the questioning procedure but the more questions asked the more likely you are to be caught – that means shocking consequences.

How To Use:

1. Place your hand onto the hand plate of the shocking liar.

2. Press the Reset button, keep your fingers still, please do not move, then press the “Analyser” button, the machine will read your data. Lie detector light will subsequently start; you will hear the machine “data read complete” sound. At this moment, your data has been input to lie detector, So start the questions.

3. After each question you must click “Analyser” button. Lie detector will measure you lie or not, and the lie level. If you lie, the LED indicator will show the extent of lying. There‚Äôre total of five lights, 3 green, 2 red. They will follow the test and turn on; you lie greater the light is on more. If you lie or give an unacceptable answer, or distorted the facts, then all the lights will turn on, then you will be punished by electric shock.

Warning!!This is no a toy, Emits an electric shock. Keep it away from children under 14 years old! Application:

Law Enforcement, Special Duties etc.


Emits electric shocks. Can cause interference with electrical devices such as pacemakers. Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy or any similar illnesses, and not suitable for pregnant women.