Fm 200’s qualities makes it ideal for IT applications such as serves rooms, telecommunications, clean rooms and many other commercial and industrial fire protection applications.

Compared with many other extinguishing agents FM200 uses less weight of agent and takes up less storage space. The United states Environmental Protection Agency’s SNAP Report states”HFC2027ea (fm200) is the most effective of the proposed HFC substitutes”


The FM200 fire extinguisher is stored in welded mild steel FM200 cylindrical containers which is designed, manufactured and tested to BS5045 Part 2 for FM-200 use, and pressurized with Dry Nitrogen bar 20c.

The extinguishing storage containers are capable of configuration into modular or central storage installation. Every container is fitted with a valve to enable the contents to be discharged through system pipe work nozzles within 10 o manual

A discharge switch can be fitted to the distribution pipe work via a pilot loop. The pressure switch has a manual reset facility and is wall mounted. Normally the system is switch to Automatic mode.

However, subject to local regulations; it may be necessary for the system to be switched to manual mode when the area is occupied. A pre-discharged alarm is to be sounded on system operation to alert anyone still in the area. A 200 flow calculations are supported by a computer program and print out.


*Non corrosive

*No clean-up required

*No risk to humans

*Fast acting

*Zero ozone depleting potential

*Safe for occupied areas

*Require minimal container storage space

*Simple installation



*Switch Gear Rooms

*Automotive Battery Rooms

*Data Processing Computer Room

*Medical Delicate Electrical Equipment

*Petroleum industrial Control Rooms

*Transportation Flammable Liquid Storage.