Technological principles and technical specifications

 Based on the patented methodology the abstract definition is as follows:

Apparatus and method for the detection of materials Abstract

“A device to detect the presence of a target material comprising a source module (container) and detector module (Antenna). The source module includes a generator to producing a source modulation of the magnetic field corresponding to a characteristic chemical structure of the target material.

The detection module detects a location of the target material wherein the detection module detects an interference modulation generated between the source modulated magnetic field and a modulated magnetic field generated by target material caused by exposure to the source modulated magnetic field.

The interference of the modulated magnetic fields is detected by an antenna. The detection step further comprises the step of moving the antenna to detect the interference generated on a line between the source modulated magnetic field and the modulated magnetic field around the target material.

Generating a source modulated magnetic field set to a characteristic electronic excitation of the target material, such that the characteristic modulation is characteristic of the chemical composition of the target material;

The emitted modulation being the product of the electronic excitation of the target material and detecting an interference of modulated magnetic fields.

The interfering modulated magnetic fields being the result of interference generated between the source modulated magnetic field and the emitted modulation.”


2. Picture above is showing HEDD1 internal parts and the magnetic field.

The 2 pairs of permanent magnets (on top and at the bottom of the container) and the container with the corresponding characteristic chemical structure of the target material inside, which is permanently modulated through the magnetic field.

The following characteristics apply to the magnets used in HEDD1:

Material Type

Residual Flux Density


Coercive Force


Intrinsic Coercive

Force (Hci)


Product (BH) max

N48 13.8-14.2 KGs >11.0 KOe >12 KOe 45-48 MGOe

The magnets create a DC magnetic filed which is described with the data from this table. The device HEDD1 creates a specific magnetic field, which is modulated by the electron-vibration energy specific for NO2, NO3, O- (oxygen negative ion).

This primary field interferes with the earth magnetic field and thus creates the necessary conditions for the activity of the magnetic interference, which appears between the source (HEDD1) and the target or material containing ions NO2, NO3, O- (oxygen negative ion).


3. How does HEDD1work? 

Based on this abstract description and technological principal HEDD1

works as follows:

HEDD1 is setting new standards in handheld explosive and weapon detection based on its unique patented Magneto-Electrostatic Detection

(MED) method.

HEDD1 forms a Modulated Magnetic Field (MMF) that allows detection of all types of commercial and military explosives (TNT, Dynamite, Ammonite & Diesel, PETN, RDX, Gun-powder, Semtex, C4 etc.) including liquid explosives (TATP etc.) and weapons and ammunitions within a distance between 2-100 meters behind and through all types of barriers (including concrete, steel etc.).


  • HEDD1 is an active device. It creates a Modulated Magnetic Field (MMF) that is specially tuned for the bond energy in Nitro Compounds.
  • Magnetic fields are not affected from any given barrier, which means that HEDD1 can detect explosives hidden behind concrete walls, metal cases etc. and is especially useful in covert scenarios.
  • The power source of HEDD1 is a 1,55V 29mAh battery type SR626SW. It provides DC power with maximum consumption less than 1 microW.
  • The device emits no RF signals, but creates MMF (modulated magnetic field).




The specifically modulated magnetic field around HEDD1, interacting with the vertical component of the earth magnetic field creates the conditions for detection of chemical compounds, containing -NO2 / -NO3 and O.

The bond energy (“vibrational energy“) between Nitrogen and Oxide is unique in explosives. The magnetic field that is modulated from HEDD1 is tuned for this “vibrational energy“ and no other substances will be detected from the device.




(4) The detection of explosives is achieved with the cross bearing method (Antenna used as a pointer), showing the line of interference.

Checking with HEDD1 from 2 different points (angle to the target and distance might vary) using triangulation will provide the location of the target.

HEDD1 is setting new standards in handheld explosive detection based on its unique patented Magneto-Electrostatic Detection (MED) method.

HEDD1 forms a modulated Magnetic Field (MMF) that allows detection of most types of commercial and military explosives (TNT, Dynamite, Ammonite & Diesel, PETN, RDX, Gunpowder, Semtex, C4 etc.) including liquid explosives (hydrogen peroxide based) within a distance between 2-100 meters behind and through all types of barriers (including concrete, steel etc.).


With HEDD1 the classification of objects and areas can be achieved immediately, as the device is ready for use without any warm-up time. HEDD1 is maintenance-free and designed for continuous use in all climate conditions.

Due to its long-range detection capabilities, HEDD1 is a great complementary tool for all existing explosive detection with K9 or vapor tracing methods, as strategic classification and proactive measures become possible for the first time within existing resources. Even weapons and ammunition will be detected, which makes HEDD1 also specially advantageous for any police and military applications whether stationary or mobile.

bulletLength 130 mm

bulletHeight 48 mm

bulletWidth 30 mm

bulletWeight 276 g

Operational temperature: -20°C – +55°C, Wind: up to 1m/s (the effect of wind can be reduced through special techniques, provided during the training).

bulletClassify large areas quickly,

bulletLong-range explosive detection,

bulletDetection of all explosives in one search-round,


Handheld device, easy to operate, 24/7,

bulletSave resources due to fast and efficient usage,

bulletDetection of liquid explosives such as TATP etc.,

bulletWorks behind and penetrates barriers (e.g. concrete, steel, etc.), covert detection possible,

bulletCan also be applied for weapons, ammunition, landmines, etc.



  • Banking Industry
  • Military formation
  • Oil industry
  • Educational system
  • Government Building