The camera is positioned in the center of the cap allowing you to control the area you are monitoring.No need to worry about aiming or positioning, the camera is cleverly centrally located giving the operator hands-free video recording capabilities.

Professional spy cameras are terribly expensive. Unless you are part of a huge “organization”, a cheap yet efficient spy camera will do. The CMOS Spy Camera Cap may not be on the same price range as those sophisticated covert equipment but it delivers high quality images and videos.

The CMOS Spy Camera Cap is equipped with a concealed built-in camera and a handheld monitor. It also has a tiny remote control which makes spying even simpler and hassle free. The CMOS Spy Camera Cap has a 4 gigabyte memory and uses a rechargeable Li battery. Of course, you don’t have to go spying just to buy this hat. You can also use it during sporting events and gathering and just take a video and pictures of what is going on.

It is the placement in the cap that differentiates this from the rest of the
body worn hidden cameras. The point-of-view is that of the individual recording and it allows
undercover operatives to inconspicuously change the position of the camera by looking in the
direction of the target.


Color Camera.
High Resolution.
Single Pin Connector.
Single Cable Connects Video, Audio & Power.


Attach camera to one of our compatible DVRs.
Tuck DVR recorder under the lining of the hat.
Place hat on head and start capturing hands free video.
Video Format: AVI
Resolution: 640*480
Vioce recording Yes
Internal memory Yes
Memory: 4GB
Video file size >500KB per min
Recording mode continuous recording until memory is full or manually off
Adaptor type USB adaptor charging cable
Battery type Lithium-ion.