Underground Mine Detector

With high-quality electronic components, it has to detect super-depth, positioning accuracy, resolution power, simple operation and easy, appearance novel and so on. The underground metal detector is mainly used to detect metal buried in the ground such as: mine. It is in addition to military applications, it also can be widely applied:

● Security check-up
● Dangerous metal weapons search
● Testing of raw materials, fuel, food in the metal body
● Examining objects of metal box items
● Detecting underground pipes, cables
● Archeology, mineral prospecting
● Found buried in the ground and metal artifacts of gold and silver treasures

● Set up a balanced line, can eliminate “mineralization reaction” impact of greatly increased the effective detection of the depth and accuracy
● Has a different function of ferrous and nonferrous metals
● Use of smart operating system
● ABC high-strength materials, packaging, light weight, long-term use
● Identification of metal sounds through headphones Parameters:

* Detection Depth: Small 1.5 m; tape 3.5 meters Signal Frequency: 7KHz
* Audio Frequency: 400Hz Current: 12DCV “AA” (alkaline) 8X1.5V
* Power: 0.6W Weight: 3.2Kg.