JLM-200A ON-Vehicle Bomb Jammers adopts our new and unique signal jamming technology, which possesses independent intellectual property, to interfere various existing remote-control signals and to prevent remote-control bombs from being activated, in order to ensure the safety of very important persons and venues.
  • Integrated system design and flexible installation of antennas ensure the system can quickly function in operating mode in case of emergency;
  • All components, including power supply, are installed in a jeep, which makes the system highly maneuverable;
  • Different frequency bands can be controlled independently by different switches;
  • Protection area moves with the jeep to ensure the safety of motorcade
  • Prevent remote-controlled explosives from being activated and stop terrorists’ attacks;
  • Protect important persons and motorcades;
  • Protect important sites such as bus/train stations, plazas, schools, mass gatherings, sports events, etc;
JLM-200A mainly protects the vehicle itself and small scale motorcade.
Technical Specifications:



JLM 500 A

Working Frequency

20 MHz~2500 MHz

Jamming Target

Explosives activated by signals from toy remote control, car remote control, pager, handheld transceiver (walkie-talkie), various cellular standards, WIFI

Jamming Range

100 m



5 omnidirectional

6 omnidirectional

Continuous Working Hours

> 8 hours (AC 220V)

Power Supply

AC 220V or DC 12 V/DC 24 V (through inverter)

Main Engine Weight

20 kg

50 kg

Main Engine Dimension (mm) L×W×H



Operating Temperature


Case Study:

Case 1

In the evening of 14 December 2003, soon after Pakistan President General Musharraf’s motorcade crossed a bridge in the city of Rawalpindi, five remote control bombs, which were installed on the bridge beforehand, exploded at the same time. The bridge was seriously destroyed. However, the President was safe. In fact, it is the anti-bomb jamming system installed in the President’s motorcade saves the Pakistan President. That system jams all remote control signals within 200 meters from the motorcade. Even the terrorists pressed the button when the President’s motorcade was on the bridge, the pre-installed bomb still cannot be activated.Case 2 In the 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings, terrorists made this tragedy by using mobile phone to activate the bombs. Nowadays, mobile phones are not only everyone’s communication devices, but can also be a weapon creating tragedy by terrorists.