This is a powerful wireless mini detector from China, support in time display to check the wireless signal from 900MHZ to 2.7GHZ,with this device you can check video in time when you in hotel,room or public place, nice anti-spy equipment.

1. 2.5 ” TFT high resolution LCD screen. Beautiful aluminum casing in metallic color.

2. 1.25 ” LCM display showing battery level, receiver sensitivity indicator, alarm audio on/off and.

3. frequency reading during scanning.

4. Frequency range to be scanned: 900MHz~2.7GHz, covering frequency of most wireless cams in the market.

5. Light weight, portable, operated by 4 X AA 1.5V batteries or the included 5V power supply.

6.The batteries last for about 3 hours.

7. The scanner can find wireless cam in NTSC, PAL, color or B/W. Auto switching.

8. When a video signal is found, the running frequency reading on the LCD display will stop showing the exact frequency reading.
9. The cam scene that the watcher is seeing will be shown on the 2.5” LCD monitor immediately.

10. You may then identify the scene and locate the hidden wireless cam. Multiple cams within the frequency range can be found.

11. The whole scanning process takes about 20 seconds if no RF signal is found. Scanning covers area up to 500 feet range (152 meters)

12. The scanner may be used as a portable receiver to monitor any wireless cam you may have installed.

13. Video Output and Alarm Output jacks are provided on the scanner for extended applications. 14,Built-in speaker.


1. Frequency range covered:900MHz ~ 2700MHz
2. Scanning: auto/manual
3. Receiver sensitivity settings: L: -50dBm, ML: -55dBm, M: -60dBm, MH: -65dBM, H: 70dBm, UH: 70dBm
4. Video system:NTSC/PAL (EIA/CCIR ) auto detect
5. Antenna:Two screw-in omni-directional antennas
6. Antenna length: 5.5cm (2-1/8″) and 8cm (3-1/8″) 7. Power consumption:650mA max
8. Power supply:100~240VAC output 5V 1A
9. Battery:4 x AA 1.5V batteries (3~5 hours)
10. Dimensions:74(W) x 120(L) x 35(H) mm
11. Weight:0.52kg

How it works: When you suspect there is hidden cam in the area, or you want to make sure that is no hidden cam in the area. Turn on the bug scanner and it will start to scan for cam within the range of 500 feet (152 meters) from where you stand. If any cam is found, the scene that the cam is currently pointing at will be shown on the 2.5″ LCD display. Push the Smart Button on the scanner up or down once to lock the scene. Then you can easily locate the hidden cam. If you press the Smart Button again, it will continue to scan for other cam in the area, if any.

Note: The scanner cannot detect hard-wired camera.

Package Contents:

1 x Camera bug scanner with LCD displays
2 x Screw-in stub antennas
1 x Universal 5V regulated power supply.