This benefit of the newest technologies is irreplaceable in the situations where secret communication is needed. Extra small wireless spy earpiece and sensitive microphone let youreceive all the necessary information in real time from your assistance without being noticed!

This model is actually a professional Wireless Spy Secret Service Earpiece for law enforcement, casino security and protection personnel. The tiny earbud fits into your ear and can receive audio instruction from your partner up to 3000′ away. Just place the wallet receiver into your pocket to receive a 1-way wireless transmission from your partner on their walkie-talkie. This complete kit comes with the earbud, a covert wallet receiver for use by the earbud wearer, and Normally this kind of covert equipment is released only to CIA or the Secret Service, but now it can be yours.

The thing that really saves the situation is a wireless spy earpiece virtually imperceptible to most people.
Suppose, you should give a difficult presentation about new products, launched by your company, and because of limited preparation time you get into certain troubles memorizing a lot of information. To overcome this awkward situation you can use an aid – micro spy earpiece. You simply need to Put the wallet in the pocket,your colleague who will help you with the presentation by the walkie-talkie and you hear the answer clear but else find nothing. The result is evident – ultimately,everyone wonders about your success and knowledge while you are fully satisfied with your handful device.

Spy earpiece can relieve you in situations such as taking exams and defending a thesis, during a speech or business negotiations.and you never doubt if there forbid take mobie,because they won’t be forbid take purse ,right? You can secretly listen to you friend through a microphone, attached wireless signal recevier, which weighs less than 10 grams and therefore causes no inconveniences in use.

No one will notice micro spy earpiece and antenna! So again, a few simple steps indispensable in certain cases – just insert spy earpiece into your ear and put you purse in the pocket!

And you will easily cope with the problem – that is proved by numerous owners of our micro spy earpiece.

Wireless Mini Spy Earpiece +
Walkie-Talkie Wallet-Eavesdrop Features:

Excellent audio quality, absence of
the noise

Safety – it won’t damage you hearing
since safe output levels

Tiny size of the spy earpiece

The color similar to ear’s natural
color ,hidden and never be discover

Walkie Talkie:

Wireless Range Over 3000′ Wireless
Range Earbud Runs

Battery life 15 Hours On 1 Battery

Channel 16 Channel

Max Volume 93 @ 3kHz

Wireless Earpiece:

Dimension 3 x 5 x 7mm

Max Volume Output 3 kHz 93

General Volume Output 1kHz 73

Frequency 300Hz – 5kHz

Distortion Rate < 2%

S/N Ratio 2kHz > 50dB

Battery type Zinc Battery Style #416
(available anywhere)

Battery Life Battery Life 15 hrs

Weight Weight (incl. battery) only


1 X Mini micro spy earpiece

1 X battery (LR521 or LR379)

1 X Full range walkie-talkie

1 x charger