It has never been easier to record hours of surveillance in computer ready AVI format. These are the best way to record all your encounters, interviews, meetings and on the scene discussions without anyone knowing what you are doing. If you have ever had to spontaneously run into a meeting or had a sudden encounter with someone that just needed to be caught on camera, now you can instantly and secretively record that conversation for later viewing. This model offers you the chance to record both video and close range audio simultaneously. This is an elegant DVR “spy watch” solution for both ladies and gentlemen! The camera is beautifully disguised; no one will ever suspect being spied upon at all.

This “spy watch” type micro video camcorder with its sophisticated design that makes it looks like a modest priced designer watch. This model works just like a real watch, and comes with accurate gear driven time in seconds, minutes, hours and a twisting crown for time adjustment.